Heart Bath Melt Garden Botanika Heart Bath Melt Envelop your body in silk. Give your skin a moisturizing transformation you'll feel for days. This melt is not a bubble bath (which can dehydrate the skin) but an aromatic light foam that seals your body with moisture. Made of mangos, meadow foam oils, calendula, and vitamin E. new!    
Butterfly Soap Slice Handmade glycerin soaps are as fragrant as they are beautiful. Butterfly scent is a fesh citrus bouquet that has a woody musk dry down. Price is per one inch slice.
Angel 2 Be Soap Slice Handmade glycerin soaps are as fragrant as they are beautiful. Heavenly scents of fruity floral and exotic tea accords are brought down to earth in the divine bar. Price is per one inch slice.
Imelda Soap Slice Handmade glycerin soaps are as fragrant as they are beautiful. Satisfy your shoe fetish with this stylish bar featuring fresh citrus, romantic florals and sensually sweet vanilla and musk. Price is per one inch slice.
Tiare Soap Slice Handmade glycerin soaps are as fragrant as they are beautiful. The alluring beauty of Tahitian gardenia is complemented by notes of tuberose. Price is per one inch slice.
Yardsticks Soap Slice Handmade glycerin soaps are as fragrant as they are beautiful. Flamingos in classic deco colors, this bar is laced with bergamot, cedar and linden blossom. Price is per one inch slice.
Tranquility Soap Slice Handmade glycerin soaps are as fragrant as they are beautiful. Ride the cool clean wave of summer melon and cucumber in this bar. Price is per one inch slice.
Hollywood Bubble Bar Bubble Bar by LUSH Cosmetics The latest in trendy Hollywood kisses is the right smack on the mouth, total lips meet lips experience. Air kissing is just so 90s dahling! To celebrate the new kiss (as one does all the time in Hollywood) Lush have brought out the limited edition Hollywood Bubble Bar Slice, scented with sexy Fever fragrance and topped with a candy kiss. Bath in Hollywood's sensually scented mounds of frothy bubbles, then get a Fever massage bar and someone special to massage you. You're ready to rumble. Prince Bubble Bar Bubble Bar by LUSH Cosmetics Here is a bar for men who like bubbles and are not afraid to admit it. The white bar is stamped with a blue coronet so that you recognise its status as a superior sort of bath product. We scent it with Prince fragrance, of course, so that you bath becomes even more calming and relaxing. Don't waste this by hopping in and out in a minute; stay there, inhale, let the fragrance permeate your senses. You'll feel a better man for it - (100g/3.5 oz.)

Soap Gift Crate Set
Our relaxing formula soap called "Sweet Dreams" has a soft and gentle combination of lavender, chamomile and musk while our Invigorating formula soap, "Morning Mint" contains energetic notes of rosemary, fresh herbs and garden mint. Our two bar Soap Crate Gift Set is perfect for when you need a smaller gift for any occasion. This gift set is great for a man or a woman.
Men's Erotic Cowboy Soap You have no idea how hard it was to name this sensual blend ! Think exotic sandalwood, gentle masculine musk with an ever-so-slight hint of chocolate. Everything a woman desires in her cowboy ! Designed with my husband in mind this scent is a teeny bit of sweet, a little bit of rustic ruggedness, and a whole lot of southern cowboy ! This is one you don't want to miss !
Glycerine Soap Basic Bar Leave detergent laden commercial soaps behind and try our vegetable glycerin basic bars. Glycerin pulls moisture from the air and into your skin leaving it feeling soft and hydrated. Our basic bars produce luxurious lather that rinses cleanly away. Each hand poured basic bar is approximately 4 oz.
Citrus Sensation Exfoliating Salt Scrub Made with aloe vera gel, macadamia nut oil and scented with essential Oils of tangerine, sweet orange and lime, this is a fantastic treat for your skin !
iconicon TAINTED LOVE BATH SET iconWash your worries — or the evidence — away with Tainted Love, a fruity beauty line inspired by the humor of artist Anne Taintor. You can "lather up & rinse him off" with the beautifying bar soap, or use the fast-action pump for some flowery liquid cleanser that "cleans and softens hands as you plot your next move." If you're tired of worrying about "him," though, just fill the tub with the "mind altering" fruity bubble bath and "loose your grip on reality," just in case you haven't already. Made in USA.
iconicon HAND & HEART SOAP iconA hand gracefully extending a symbolic heart is a traditional sign for love, gracious giving and hospitality, and this soap set captures those sentiments with exquisite care. The set includes two separate soaps, a hand and a heart, pressed from the original vintage die, and is just as extraordinary to use as it is to behold.
iconicon PALMSTONES-SET OF 3 iconWho says soap has to be a boring white rectangle? Bring your love for nature indoors with beautiful hand-hewn palm soap gems resembling amethyst, opal and jade. Stack these stones in your guest bathroom soapdish, and use the larger size - rock soap as a bath bar. Keep a few extra sets on hand to give as hostess gifts - people will marvel at how real they look. Biodegradable. Contains no animal products and is only tested on humans.
iconicon ROCK SOAP iconbiodegradable soaps are made from traditional, mild blends of vitamins, minerals and herbal extracts. The long-lasting fragrance and attractive, gem-like luster of jade,lapis lazuli and amethyst will make you want to buy a wheelbarrow full of them. Soaps contain no animal products and are only tested on human beings.
iconicon GAUGUIN BATH PALETTE iconPaint yourself clean while immersed in the sensuous and colorful world of the post-impressionist master Paul Gauguin. These foaming baths are sensuous blends of smoothing cleansing agents such as vegetable oil glycerin. This fruit-scented palette makes a wonderful gift for those who like to indulge themselves. The ten varieties include such delectable flavors as green apple, lemon-vanilla, field berry, orange-cantaloupe, Georgia peach and mango-papaya. Packaged elegantly with recycled materials. Made in Canada.
iconicon FRENCH TEA SOAPS iconThis set of four unique and fragrant triple-milled soaps is enhanced with an infusion of aromatic tea that's brewed fresh in small batches. The generously sized bars are dedicated to the senses, with lavish attention paid to every detail, and wrapped in matte black paper with gold writing, stamp and satin ribbon. Includes one of each of the following four flavors: Moroccan mint, ginger green tea, chai tea and lemon tea.
iconicon BONJOUR BONNE NUIT SOAP iconWish yourself or your guests a "good night" and "good morning" with these delicate soaps scented with a fresh linen fragrance. The six ivory-colored pillows are fine French-milled soaps pressed from a vintage die, with "Bonne Nuit" intricately engraved on one side and "Bonjour" on the other. The set comes beautifully packaged for gracious gift giving.
Soap Rose In Heart Shape Box Give your heart to the one you adore. This heart-shaped box with delicate, scented, "soap" rose is secured with a gold cord. 5" x 4" x 1 3/4" high.
iconicon MANNEQUIN SOAPS iconThe smart shape of these triple-milled soaps might inspire dressmaking, but the light floral and melon scent will encourage relaxation. In creator Gianna Rose's line of "Couture Soap," herbal and floral extracts are handpicked and crafted into these curvy forms. The result is a witty, elegant and functional set of soaps that's presented in pink tissue and a handsome box. Made in North Carolina.
iconicon PIGLET SOAPS iconThese pristine soap figurines will keep any big, bad wolf from tracking dirty paw prints around your house. Perfect as bathroom hand soaps, the one-ounce piglets in this set are detailed from their curly tails to their cute snouts, and come in a light, flowery Fresh Linen scent. The French-milled vegetable based soap trio, "Trois Petite Cochons," comes in a handsome rose and black box perfect for giving as a gift. Sold as a set of three piglets
Complete Spigo Toscano Set Complete Spigo Toscano Set Perfume Spigo Toscano ml 100 - Treatment nourishing and restoring cream Hair Spigo Toscano ml 150 - Soap Spigo Tuscano 150 gr.


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