Slim Step Personal Fitness System Want to watch your progress as you lose weight and get fit? Meet your new best friend! Our personal fitness system is the perfect partner to have because it will always tell you the truth. It's pocket-sized, so you can carry it in your jacket, purse or clipped to your waist. It electronically measures your body fat percentage, monitors your activity level, measures the total distance you run or walk, calculates the total calories you've burned, and computes your daily BMR (basal metabolic rate). And that's not all. It graphs your body type profile (everyone fits one of nine body types), suggests the amount of weight and body fat you need to lose, recommends the activity level to reach your ideal weight and tracks all your calories on your way to your goal in 30, 60 or 90 days. And it's so fast and accurate, the LCD will tell you your results in six seconds! Battery included. Measures: 3 x 2 x 1/2

Click to buy STL Combo Boots and Ez-Up Inversion Rack exe?AID=57219&PID=258592&banner=0.gif The EZ-Up Rack is used with Gravity Boots to invert at a full 90 degree angle. While inverted, you can conduct inverted sit-ups, squats, and rotational stretches. Two features of the Hang Ups EZ-Up Rack make it unique.

step_500s.jpg Cybex 500s Stepper net.image-445012-342951Smooth cable drive requires no lubricating for less maintenance. Patented braking system provides widest possible speed range and quiet operation. Welded, heavy-duty steel frame with epoxy powder-coat finish gives rock-solid stability. Step-N-Go setup mode allows for no touch operation. Members just step up on the pedals and and go. Optional Polar Compatible heart-rate receiver works with the steady-state Heart Rate Control Program for targeted training.

tunr215.jpg Tunturi 215 Rower net.image-445012-57234 Tunturi 215 Rower Row, Row, Row Your Way to Fitness! With the R 215 you can exercise your whole body even while watching television. This ruggedly designed rowing machine is suitable for home use. Features: -Stepless hydraulic resistance adjustment -Silent seat movement on the robust, aluminium profile/steel rail -Swivelling foot rests allow correct rowing movement -An easy-to-use electronic meter shows time, distance and speed -User weight limited to 220 pounds -No height limit

vivonic.jpg Vivonic Fitness Planner exe?AID=521339&PID=445012&banner=0.gif
Your fitness goals are your business, but helping you reach them is ours. Whether you are training for a 10K, starting a weight loss program, working out regularly at the gym or just maintaining your overall health, it takes work and persistence. That's why VivonicTM created the Fitness Planner, the smart handheld fitness tool that helps you customize a fitness plan that fits into your lifestyle - whatever it may be.


Yoga Ball Kit  - Small<BR>1 ea
Yoga Ball Kit - Small
1 ea

fqutorso.jpgClick to buy Torso Track at a very special price exe?AID=53519&PID=258592&banner=0.gif The best selling "As Seen on TV" fitness item that will give you a perfectly shaped body in a short time! Forget ab rollers, trainers and crunchers. Stop doing hundreds of sit ups, leg lifts, knee pulls and twists. All of those exercises are a thing of the past with Torso Track. The Torso Track is an amazing fitness technology that will help you get tighter abs, along with stronger arms, shoulders and back in one easy-to-do exercise.

  • Easy to use - just stretch out slowly and come back for full range of abdominal motion.
  • Lightweight and portable - stores easily!
  • Firm and tone your arms shoulders, chest and back.
  • Torso Track's assisted movement guarantees you have perfect form...everytime.
  • Works your muscles in both directions for a continuous workout.
  • Tighten and tone your upper, middle and lower abs as well as obliques.
  • Padded knee area for comfortable workout.
  • Adjusts to four levels of intensity.
  • Warranty - 90 day limited warranty.
  • Comes with illustrated Owner's Manual.

abtrainer.jpgAb Trainer Home Proexe?AID=319671&PID=258592&banner=0.gif
There's nothing better than the AB Trainer HOME PROtm for strengthening and toning abdominals. Unlike cheap imitations, the AB Trainer HOME PROtm has a unique rocker design that perfectly mimics spinal flexion while completely supporting your head and neck. You get a truly isolated abdominal contraction - without the stress and strain of a typical sit-up. And that means better results in less time!

jump4.jpg Jumpsoles exe?AID=439600&PID=445012&banner=0.gifare the world's most popular frontal training platforms which attach to your own shoes. By training with Jumpsoles you will build up important fast twitch muscle fibers in the lower leg. Jumpsoles will increase vertical jump 5 to 10 inches, and decrease time in the 40 yd dash by .2 seconds or your money back!



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