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The Tao of Sexual Massage
Review: This is the most erotic, sensual experience you can share with a partner. Use the massage techniques and find true bliss!
Good Sex Guide (Collection Set 1)

Erotic Massage : The Tantric Touch of Love
Review: We bought this book and found it to be stimulating, exciting, and very helpful. We really liked the illustrations, and unlike many other books of it's kind, the techniques in this book are easy yet extremely erotic. This book is great! We look forward to doing all the techniques he writes about, and we just ordered another of his books.
The Classic Art of Sensual Massage

The Power of Reiki : An Ancient Hands-On Healing Technique
Review: I am a Reiki Master/Teacher and I include this publication in my Reiki I classes. Everyone loves it. I recommend it as a text book along with what ever other material you use in your classes.
Erotic Massage Video, Complete Edition

The Essential Tantra : A Modern Guide to Sacred Sexuality
Review: I have just broken into the world of Tantra and this book was very helpful to further introducing me to it, It has allowed my wife and I to break into a world that we have always known was there yet have been unable to access.
Tantric Massage Video

Sensual Massage
Review: ...My two favorite items of presentation are: leverage and positioning ideas that could allow you to give a much better massage while working on the same plane as your subject. My other favorite stream of data that runs throughout the book is what I call the roadmaps of massage. One manages to "see" these patterns that the hands make on each of the pages at a glance. I believe that these circuits of the hands feel very good to a massage subject, even when done by a beginner. Other plusses are: there is no real erotic tone to the book, and the book has very good pacing as you jump from page to page. all of this give the book the dual benefits of being food for flipping through fast as a refresher just before starting a massage, as well as being visually beautiful and nourishing to dawdle over for the sheer beauty it.
Lovers Massage: The Healing Touch

Kama Sutra - The Sensual Art of Lovemaking: Touch and the Intimate Kiss

Pamper Your Partner
Pamper Your Partner by Penny Rich
Kama Sutra - The Sensual Art of Lovemaking - Positions 2 Volume Gift Boxed Set

The Secrets of Loving Touch
The Secrets of Loving Touch (144Pp) by Franz Benedikter


The Art of Erotic Massage
Review: there is a lot of text in the beginning to offset whole sections devoted to pictures of couples not doing much but being naked. The techniques described are pretty common to books of this genre, but offers a few interesting ideas. Still it is tastefully done and merits a look at. I consider it a nice complement to the best-selling The Art of Sensual Massage.
The New Sensual Massage: Learn to Give Pleasure With Your Hands

Erotic Massage : Body Magic
Offering an opportunity for self-expression, enhanced communication, and pleasure for the recipient, this informative guide for men and women provides techniques of stroking, advice on the use of lotions and oils, and the art of erotic massage.

Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions Video: A Tantric Vision of Love

also... The New Sensual Massage : Learn to Give Pleasure With Your Hands - Advanced Aromatherapy: The Science of Essential Oil Therapy - The Back Rub Book : How to Give and Receive Great Back Rubs
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