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iconicon ZEN CANDLES iconEnhance your meditation and enlighten your mind with these scented candles that'll make any room a place you'll want to stay for hours. Each candle features its own design, scent and thought-provoking proverb to make meditating - or just relaxing - all the more enjoyable and effective. Choose from warm sake, wasabi pear or umeboshi plum, or get the whole set. Each candle burns for 90 hours   iconicon TEA CANDLES iconWith their delicate scents and exotic, vibrant patterns, these tea candles are certainly a treat for your home. With their powerful therapeutic effects, though, they're a treat for you to indulge in, too. The Chamomile Tea candle (left) has a calming, soothing effect to promote a state of relaxation, while the unique intoxicating aroma of the Earl Grey Tea candle (center) has been known to cleanse, refresh and invigorate. And the China Black Tea candle (right) has beneficial uplifting properties that will leave you feeling stimulated, energized and inspired. Candles burn for 90 hours.
  iconicon BUDDHA CANDLE iconFind enlightenment with the soft lighting of these crimson Buddha candles. Whether you're listening to some Nirvana or meditating to reach nirvana, these intricately-carved candles will add a touch of wisdom to your contemplation and set you quickly on the eight-fold path. Each candle is a likeness of Siddhartha Gautama (the Buddha) himself, and is a thoughtful addition to any bedroom or living room. Made in China.

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