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Venus in the Kitchen: Or Love's Cookery Book
Venus in the Kitchen: Or Love's Cookery Book
The cult classic-now available for the first time with its original illustrations.
Toss your Viagra in the trash and make room on your shelf for Venus in the Kitchen, Norman Douglas' wry, eccentric, and highly practical collection of aphrodisiac recipes. Compiled by Douglas and his friends during their twilight years, it was intended for private use among those who were 'anxious to preserve for as long as may be possible the vitality of their youth and middle age'. Now, Venus in the Kitchen is available to all of us who crave an extra dose of vigor in our diets.
A whimsical marriage of the utilitarian and the absurd, this collection of over a hundred annotated recipes runs the gamut from the simple and delicious (almond soup) to the dangerously effective (hysterical water) to the downright ridiculous (sparrows' brains, crane). Complete with beautiful vintage illustrations, introductions by Graham Greene and Stephen Fry, and an unforgettable frontispiece by D.H. Lawrence (whom Douglas quipped 'certainly looked as if his own health would have been improved by a course of such recipes as I had gathered together'), Douglas' irreverent cookbook is a gift you can either slip discreetly under your lover's pillow, or keep for yourself.
  Aphrodisiac Cooking
Aphrodisiac Cooking

Erotic Cuisine: A Natural History of Aphrodisiac Cookery
Erotic Cuisine: A Natural History of Aphrodisiac Cookery

fore.jpgFood As Foreplay : Recipes for Romance, Love and Lust Recipes for Romance, Love and Lust contains over 100 quick, easy, fun recipes and dozens of tips that will get you out of the kitchen and into the bedroom. The authors are happily married authors practicing what they preach. Food as Foreplay covers every aspect of a romantic meal, from appetizers to dessert, and proper kitchen etiquette (cleaning up means showering together). You'll learn why cooking is like making love, how to stock your passion-filled pantry and what to serve at 2:00am when your bedmate says "Feed me". Discover what to cook for the vegetarian you love or lust after. Learn how to turn your home into a romantic garden of sensual delights and crete a culinary fantasy that will capture your loved one - body, heart and soul. More than just a cookbook, Food as Foreplay is a guide to romance that will leave America's libido howling. Seal your relationship with a kiss -- and a home-cooked meal!

sp.jpgSeduction and Spice : 130 Recipes for Romance An engaging and authoritative cookbook, Seduction and Spice will interest anyone who adores sensual delights-for the book is one itself! Featuring a red velvet cover with a mouthwatering image and stamped with gold embossing, this delicious compilation of 130 recipes is guaranteed to have you nibbling-on your lover's neck as well as the food! This collection of delectable cocktails, appetizers, entrees, and desserts will make a perfect gift for Valentine's Day or any occasion calling for romance. This sensual package is fully illustrated with color recipe photographs and a glossary of eighty aphrodisiac foods. RUDOLF SODAMIN is one of the nation's foremost experts on romance and food, elevating food service on cruise ships to fine dining.

inter.gif Intercourses : An Aphrodisiac Cookbook Forget Spanish fly or powdered rhino horn; if you want to get your lover in the mood, look no farther than your local supermarket. Strawberries, chocolate, asparagus--even coffee--have long been considered stimulants for the romantic appetite. For centuries, folk wisdom held that foods either rare or resembling a sexual organ had tremendous power over the libido. Modern science has since debunked that theory, but there's no denying that a meal lovingly prepared and properly presented with just the right ambience can precipitate the most passionate encounters. In Intercourses: An Aphrodisiac Cookbook, Martha Hopkins and Randall Lockridge appeal to all the senses as they offer up 85 heart-melting, temperature-raising dishes, along with an array of sensuous photographs that will make you look at food in a whole new light. The book is divided into 17 sections, each one devoted to a particular food with aphrodisiac qualities, from chocolate and chilies to black beans and oysters. Following these are recipes for massage oils, seasonal dishes, and meals to appeal to every astrological sign and every stage of a relationship, from first date to golden anniversary. There's even a list of resources on subjects ranging from further reading on aphrodisiacs to locating aromatherapy candles. Just reading Intercourses is a sensual experience--imagine what eating from it will be!

50.jpg 50 Ways to Feed Your Lover : America's Top Chefs Share Their Recipes and Secrets for Romance If you want the recipe for romance--this is the book for you. Whether you're an accomplished home cook or even a beginner, Fifty Ways to Feed Your Lover includes everything you need to win your lover's heart. Authors Janeen Sarlin and Jennifer Saltiel asked fifty of the country's best chefs for their most seductive recipes. The contributor list is a culinary who's who, including Marcel Desaulniers, Bobby Flay, Charlie Palmer, Lidia Bastianich, and Norman Van Aken, to name just a few. In case you grow tired of oysters, caviar, and Champagne, try your hand at enticing recipes like Stuffed Soft-Shell Crabs, Lobster with Red Wine Risotto, and Pan-Seared Salmon with Black Truffle, as well as luscious desserts such as Chocolate Rapture and Wild Strawberry Souffli. In addition, the chefs include wine suggestions for each course, and their own personal stories of seduction, making this a must-have for any romantic food lover.

bgr.gifThe Bride and Groom's First Cookbook The Bride and Groom's First Cookbook is indeed a first--the firstmodern and manageable teaching cookbook for young couples whose sophisticatedtastes outdistance their kitchen skills and available time. And who better toprovide such a book than Abigail Kirsch, who has been responsible fororchestrating thousands of weddings and engagement parties, who knows betterthan anyone the kinds of recipes and instructions young people need and want,and whom young people know and trust. This indispensable resource is a simple but sophisticated teaching book for young working couples who will be sharing the cooking and entertaining chores. Each recipe includes a list of necessary utensils, a clear set of do-ahead instructions, and cook's tips for serving and varying the recipes. A section of complete menus includes a timetable for completing all preparation chores and dividing them between two people. Line drawings.

d2.jpgDinners for Two (Menus and Music) Some of life's happiest moments are spent at dinners for two. Take an excursion to some of the most romantic destinations in North America via the kitchen and dining room in your own home. The menu cookbook is a collection of recipes by chefs from fine country inns of the United States and Canada. The musical CD of classical music provides a romantic dinner concert. The music includes Bach, Chopin, Vivaldi, and others on 55 minute CD. Sharon OConnor was the first person ever to pair a cookbook with music. What seems like a simple ideafood and music are a natural combinationis actually the culmination of years of life experience. As OConnor puts it, Menus and Music has packaged up my life.

c2.gifBetter Homes and Gardens Great Cooking for Two "Call them twosomes, call them duos, they need their own right-size recipes. And Great Cooking for Two has them. Here are nineties-fast, nineties-fresh ideas for meat, fish, legumes, and vegetables."--Ann Burckhardt, food columnist, Minneapolis Star Tribune. Includes recipes for every day meals and snacks as well as for special occasions.

art.jpgThe Art of Romance Cooking Finally a Cookbook that will inspire you to romance your relationship. Featuring The Art of Romantic Feeding for Two: From candles, music, and food, Lonnie will inspire you to experience a breathtaking evening, romancing your relationship by serving your emotions, passion, and heart on a silver platter. Inspired by greatness Lonnie has been fortunate to have worked for some famous Chefs such as, Henri Boubee, Windows of the World and Ritz Carlton, Walter Scheib, Executive Chef, White House and the talented and unbelievable Steve Galluzi, Caesar Palace and Petes, Boca Raton.

taste.gifA Taste for Love : A Romantic Cookbook for Two In Shakespeare's comedy Twelfth Night, the Duke Orsino opines that music is the food of love, but he was wrong--food is. Indeed, passion and the palate are inextricably linked, and lovers through the ages have known that the stomach is the surest way to the hearts of their beloved. A Taste for Love subscribes to that well-known aphorism, but authors Elizabeth M. Harbison and Mary McGowan leave nothing to chance; in addition to mouth-watering meals, they've included everything from snippets of romantic poetry to decorating advice and what music to play in order to get you and your loved one "in the mood." The book is divided into eight sections: "Breakfast in Bed" gets the day off to a good start, and "By the Fire" is guaranteed to turn the heat up. "Table for Two" offers romantic restaurant-style dinners, while "Perfect Picnics" cooks up portable meals for romance on the go. "Light Love" is for calorie-conscious lovers, "From the Garden" gets vegetarians in the mood, and "Songs of the Sea" offers love on the half-shell. Finally, you'll always have Paris with "Bar and Grill", a collection of bistro-style meals that will make you feel like Bogie and Bergman. With such dishes as Herb-Roasted Tomatoes with Romano Cheese, Soup de Provence avec Pistou, and Chocolate Kahlua Soufflé, what's not to love?

0380798816.gifDinner Dates : A Cookbook for Couples Cooking Together
A unique cookbook that's the perfect recipe for intimacy. Getting tired of the local restaurant scene, not to mention the expense of eating out? Here's the ideal recipe for satisfying your appetites - a cookbook that helps couples create tantalizing, romantic meals together. DINNER DATES features a series of delicious and elegant, yet simple menus that take two people step by step through the preparation of wonderful five-course meals, from shopping and equipping the kitchen to dividing up the tasks required for assembling the menu. Accessible to any level of culinary expertise, the directions for each recipe are shared by "Chef Uno" and "Chef Due" and are choreographed so that cooking is a pleasurable joint undertaking as creative and fun as the dining experience itself. From mouth-watering pastas and succulent seafood to picnics and paella, here is a wide array of menus to please a variety of taste buds - two by two.

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