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During the feasts of Roman Emperor Nero, guests lounged on pillows stuffed with rose petals, gazed upon fountains which flung up rose water, bathed in marble-lined pools filled with rose-perfumed waters, quaffed rose wine and indulged in rose pudding for dessert.
Now, why don't you try to re-create a similar atmosphere for you and your lover?
You know it would be an unforgettable experience, filled with lust, desire, romanticism... here is our way to help you out for a unique evening!

(recipe kindly offered by RECIPES.IT)

Two Cups Fresh Basil
One Cup Jungle Rose Petals
4 Large Garlic Cloves
1 Cup of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 Teaspoon Rosewater
1 Cup of Freshly Grated Parmesan Cheese
1/4 Cup of Freshly Grated Romano Cheese
Salt and Freshly Ground Pepper to taste
1 Lbs. Linguini
1 1/2 Tablespoons salt
4 Quarts water
1/4 Cup of Heavy Cream

  Rinse Jungle Rose Petals and Basil thoroughly and pat dry.
Sliver Jungle Rose Petals with sharp scissors.
Peel and chop garlic. Combine the basil, garlic and Pine nuts,
chop in either a food processor or blender. While still processing add olive oil and rose water slowly.
Add the Parmesan and Romano, salt and pepper, blend lightly.
Cover and reserve 1/2 for future use.
Boil water add sat and pasta, boil until cooked but still slightly firm.
Drain in a colander Place back into hot pot.
Add 2 tablespoons of the pasta water and the cream into the pesto and toss with pasta.
Place in large serving bowl immediately, garnish with slivered rose petals. You may add a little ground pepper if desired.

(recipe kindly offered by RECIPES.IT)

3 Eggs
3 Tablespoons Water
1/4 Teaspoon Rose Water
1/8 Cup Chives, Well Chopped
1/8 Cup of Feta Cheese*
4 Jungle Rose Petals
Dash of Salt*
a Sprig of Spearmint (as Garnish)

  Rinse Jungle Rose petals well, dry and cut into slivers with sharp scissors and set aside. Separate egg whites and yolks into separate bowls. Add water, rose water and salt to egg whites and whisk until well blended.
Fold in egg yolks, add chives and whisk again until blended. Pour into hot, buttered small omelet pan; watch for the edges to firm. Using a spatula, fold firm edges into center and tip the skillet so that the still liquid center runs out to form a new edge; continue folding in the firm edges using this process until no longer runny, but still wet inside.
Sprinkle cheese and 1/2 of the slivered Jungle Rose Petals on top and place in broiler until cheese is lightly melted. Remove pan from Broiler, fold in half, transfer to dish and garnish with remaining Jungle Rose petals, spearmint sprig on top.

(recipe kindly offered by RECIPES.IT)

One cup Jungle Rose Petals
1 fresh sprig of Spearmint
8 cups boiling water

  Rinse Jungle Rose petals well.
Place in a coffee press with fresh spearmint sprig.
Add boiling water, steep for three minutes, press and serve.
One tablespoon of honey per cup is suggested.

(recipe kindly offered by RECIPES.IT)

4-5 Pound Roasting Chicken
3 Tablespoons of Honey
2 Tablespoons of Melted Butter
2 Tablespoons Soft Butter
1 Tablespoons of Rose Water
1/4 Cup of Chopped Pistachio Nuts
4 Pounds Potatoes
(cut lengthwise into 1/4s then into chunks)
1/4 Lb Butter
3 Cloves Garlic Pressed and minced
Two Sprigs Rosemary

  Prick Chicken with a knife, secure 1/2 tablespoon of butter under skin above each breast and thigh; truss.
Combine honey, butter and rosewater.
Brush mixture on outside of chicken, reserving the remaining mixture.
Place in an open roasting pan surround by potatoes.
Sprinkle rosemary, garlic, salt, and lightly pepper potatoes.
Add soft butter in chunks around potatoes.
Roast in an open pan at 350 degrees for 1 & 3/4 hours.

Baste frequetly with pan drippings and remaining mixture.

Transfer chicken to a hot platter surrounded by potatoes.
Sprinkle with nuts and garnish with rose heads.


(recipe kindly offered by RECIPES.IT)

One Sourdough Flute
One Large Leaf of Curly Romaine
10 Jungle Rose Petals
Goat Cheese
Walnuts or Pine Nuts
Red Onion Slices
Roseberry Dressing
(1/2 Cup Raspberry Yogurt
1/2 teaspoon Rose Water)

  Cut Flute in half and toast lightly.
Rinse Romaine and Jungle Rose petals well and pat dry.
Place one Romaine leaf on 1/2 toasted flute.
Layer Jungle Rose petals, goat cheese and walnuts.
Top with Roseberry dressing. Place the second Romaine leaf
on the other flute, add onion slices, serve open faced.

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