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Rishi Tea Ceremony A beautifully handcrafted bamboo tea table houses an exquisite white clay teapot, a sharing pitcher, teacups, a bamboo scoop, and an Oriental Beauty oolong tea that is so rare and fragrant we have named it Plum Blossom. Each element is encased in a silk-lined compartment. Includes forest green canvas carrying case, not shown here   Rishi Classic Tea Set This tea set introduces the recipient to the ancient art of tea. It includes a classic clay teapot, a sharing pitcher, teacups, and natural fiber tea filters (for taking your tea on the go), all handmade by the most celebrated teaware artists. The set includes Jade and Orchid, two prized handpicked oolong teas from high mountain gardens in China and Taiwan.
iconicon Teapots by Chantal iconTea is one of the most commonly enjoyed beverages throughout the world. It joins nations and neighbors, but simply put, it is a soothing beverage that is often paired with relaxing conversation or meditation. For steeping your favorite, whether chamomile, Darjeeling or Green tea, we recommend a proper serving vessel, like this Ceramic Teapot by Chantal. Classic in style, it holds .75 quarts and makes a nice accompaniment to our Chantal mugs. This one is featured in Red. All Chantal Ceramics offer a non-porous glaze that won't react with foods and flavors iconicon Ceramic Tea for One: White icon soothing sip of tea can be relaxing or rejuvenating, but a special treat is to have your own personal tea set that goes anywhere. This Ceramic Teapot for One is perfect for steeping bagged tea and comes with its own cup for serving. It's a nice item to have at home or in the office, and in classic white, blends with almost any linens or tableware. Curl up with your favorite book and keep this little set at your tableside. Great as a gift paired with a favorite brand or blend. All Chantal Ceramics offer a non-porous glaze that won't react with foods and flavors
iconicon Teapot Evelyn by Tracy Porter iconArtist, designer and lover of things beautiful in nature, Tracy Porter is the inspiration behind our "Evelyn" Tea Party collection. Featured here is her hand-painted teapot, an earthenware piece that's warm and enchanting. Details include a handle formed like a unique branch. Handwash iconicon Sugar and Creamer Set iconFor your High Tea or other social gathering, a sugar and creamer set from artist and designer Tracy Porter. Her hand-painted earthenware pieces are warm and enchanting, a testament to her philosophy, love and passion – dreaming, exploring and creating. Details include handles that resemble unique branches
iconicon HAUTE SHOES TEA FOR TWO iconHaving tea for two? This colorful, whimsical set is just right for taking tea with a friend. Replacing the clumsy cluster of saucer, plate and mug, this creative set combines the plate and saucer into one shapely piece, so you can drink from the matching teacups while leaving space for the snack or nibble of your choice. The set features whimsical high-heeled shoes and inscriptions of two French phrases: "l?amour toujours" (love always) and "tres chic" (very stylish).
Ceramic Hobnail Cups These ceramic cups, glazed in a traditional hobnail pattern, hold 5 ounces and are dishwasher safe. They are a superb accompaniment to our tetsubin teapots
B00004SC44.jpg Bodum Assam Tea Pot, 32 oz. The Assam line of tea pots features quality construction and an attractive spheric design. Borosilicate glass and polypropylene plastic will endure many years of use. Place tea leaves in the infuser, add hot water and brew for 4 minutes. Press down on tea leaves in the infuser to finish, and you'll have crystal clear tea. Cork mat not included and not available. Size: 32 oz. Materials: Stainless Steel, Borosilicate Glass, Polypropylene Cleaning and Care: Hand wash with mild cleanser. Red Leaf Iron Teapot Originally simple pots for boiling water, iron teapots, or tetsubin, became highly decorated and prized status symbols in Japanese homes by the mid-19th century. For delicious infused tea, this beautiful red leaf tetsubin is the ideal vessel. The cast ironware pot holds 22 ounces and contains its own stainless steel mesh strainer. For best results, use the tetsubin to brew tea rather than for stovetop heating and prevent tea from standing for a long time in the pot. Rinse with water and dry after each use. Gift boxed.
The iron trivet acts as a protective pedestal. Rubber feet protect your table from scratching. 5-1/2” diameter.
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bjTea_Drop_Set.jpg BonJour Tea Drop Set net.image-445012-892519Tea for two in an instant was the inspiration for the design of this elegant Tea Drop Set. Ideal for preparing two cups of tea. The beautifully crafted, stainless steel stand is the perfect resting-place for the two spring loaded tea drop infusers. Makes a perfect addition to any high tea service.
Calphalon Kettle Calphalon’s classic kettles celebrate the spirit of a bygone era. Quality materials and craftsmanship mean they’ll last for generations. The contoured handle provides great balance and control while pouring, too.
Uplift Kettle Heavy-duty polished teakettle provides years of durable service. Features OXO's innovative soft-grip handle with easy one-hand lift operation.
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