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Groom's Party Hat Because every marriage must have some humor-top off the wedding day festivities with our lighthearted, baseball-style hats! The groom's is decked out in black and white tuxedo attire, complete with bow tie and Groom pin.

Great Bachelor Parties
To our knowledge, nothing has ever been written on this subject before. Great Bachelor Parties serves as a how-to guide for providing the best night of a man's life. This book tells you everything from who (and who not) to invite to the party and how to avoid cover charges, to why it's best to avoid bachelorette parties.

Beer is Better Than Women Because A beer doesn't change it's mind after you've taken off it's top and a good beer is never flat and you can make a beer last all night or finish it right of, as you please and a beer doesn't expect dinner and flowers before opening up and you can bring a beer on a fishing trip without having to listen to it bitch about the mosquitoes and this book has a total of 64 pages like this with cartoons by renowned artist M. Riskin.


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