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4 Sachet And Fragrance Present Set A sachet pillow with an embroidered spiral is accompanied by a vial of aromatic oil, 20 incense sticks, and a color-coordinated ceramic incense burner. Assorted colors and scents. Set of 4.
Lavender Nursery Fragrance Garden Incense Sticks Lavender, Tube of 10 sticks. 19" long. Pack of 6
Jasmine Nursery Fragrance Incense Sticks Jasmine, Tube of 10 sticks. 19" long. Pack of 6.
Lemony Grass Nursery Fragrance Garden Incense Sticks Lemon Grass, Tube of 10 sticks. 19" long. Pack of 6.
6 pc garden incense Incense for the garden. These citronella incense sticks burn for 3 hours to help keep mosquitoes at bay while you enjoy and evening with friends. 19'' long. Tube of 10 sticks.
Kama Sutra Incense Kama Sutra hand-rolled incense sticks. Assorted scents. Set of 6.
Kama Sutra Jumbo Incense Selection Pack Our exclusive big stick Kama Sutra Incense is here for you to try! What It Does: Experience the pleasure of our romantic incense for an even longer time. Our new jumbo sticks are 17 inches long! Try our variety pack before you buy a package of all one scent! Pleasure Points: Our variety pack includes 5 jumbo sticks, and will contain 3 different scents. Let the scents of Love Potion, Spice, and Eternity fill your bedroom, living room, bathroom, or any other area you wish to bring the aroma of love to.
Aromatherapy Botanicals Ylang Ylang Neroli Scented Capilla Stems The porous bamboo stems gradually absorb essential oil from the glass vase and fragrance fills the air. Capillas arrive with a set of ten stems, an 8 oz. glass vase, and a choice of three popular scents. Choose from Lavender Sage: a peaceful bouquet of wild lavender, mountain sage, and delicate chamomile blossoms. Calming and relaxing for the mind, body, and spirit, Lemongrass: Light, clean, and tropical, lemongrass encourages health and vitality. Strengthened by the heavenly fragrance of jasmine flowers; warmed by a comforting infusion of golden vanilla tones. or Ylang Ylang Neroli: uplifting ylang ylang is gathered with the euphoric aromas of neroli and jasmine; a spicy-sweet floral sachet with healthy hints of citrus zest in a stabilizing rosewood base.

kobun_lg.jpgBaieido Japanese Incense - Kaden Kobunboku net.image-445012-553929Incredible secret mixture with high grade aloeswood. 170 grms. Approx. 460 sticks. Burns 30 minutes per 5.3 inch stick.

shukokoku.jpg Baieido Japanese Incense - Shu-Koh-Koku net.image-445012-553936 Magnificent very high grade aloeswood incense. 170 grms. Approx. 460 sticks. Burns 30 minutes per 5.3 inch stick

Diffuser, Electric - Room<BR>1 ea
Diffuser, Electric - Room
1 ea
The aromatherapy diffuser is easily used to used to purify and revitalize stale air, to balance, and to rejuvenate homes or offices. Perfect for use with Aura Cacia Essential Oils. Covers an area of approximately 12-16 feet.

Fragrance Tin Canister Zen Scents incense sticks and a holder to burn them on are contained in a neat tin cylinder. 40 sticks. Assorted scents. 1 3/4" diameter x 6 1/2" high. Price per 1 Dozen.
Bakhoor Maliki - Incense Tablets Buy Arabian Bakhoor : Buy Discount Bakhoor Maliki Quantity: 12 pcs

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