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The Eroscillator
The one and only sensual product recommended and endorsed by Dr Ruth K. Westheimer, world famous Sexual Therapist and Authority in Human Sexuality.
The Eroscillator is not a vibrator. It provides a totally unique, gentle "oscillating" motion which moves naturally and softly from side to side rather than up and down like a vibrator. The sensation is radically different. More erotic. More sensual. The result ? In tests conducted in Europe and in the United States, women consistently reported that the Eroscillator helped them to achieve exciting, intense immensely satisfying orgasms with little or no effort.

Dr. Ruth recommended It's specifically designed to meet your need - so you experience maximum sexual enjoyment !
More freedom of movement.

You get constant power that never wears down.
It's a quality product. Engineered in Switzerland.

Dr. Ruth recommended


The only sensual product endorsed and recommended by Dr. Ruth Westheimer The Eroscillator ® is the first device designed exclusively for sexual excitement of the female genitalia. Because it is the best device ever made for stimulation of the labia and clitoris, it offers women exciting, immensely satisfying orgasms with little or no effort.

The Eroscillator® 2 Top Deluxe and The Eroscillator® Classic are not to be confused with vibrators.
They do what no vibrator can, they oscillate, rather than vibrates, at 3600 constant oscillations per minute.
This unique back and forth motion, delivered with a gentle touch, produces highly erotic sensations and intense orgasms.

  • University tested in the USA
  • Unique, gentle "oscillating" motion
  • Designed exclusively for sexual excitement of the female genitalia.
  • Can be used to induce erection on men and orgasmic response with the ball + cup head under the tip of the penis.
  • Does not irritate (healthy tissues)
  • 3 levels of intensity from gentle to intense, to fulfil all needs. 3600 steady oscillations every minute.
  • Constant power. Never wears down when most inconvenient. Can be reused at all times, whenever desired.
  • Device + cord 100% safe. No risk of electrical shock. (14 volt).
  • The device (not the step down converter 120V -> 14V) is washable under running water and completely waterproof.
  • Dr. Ruth " 'Primer' © on Self Pleasuring" included with every Eroscillator ® 2.
  • Never gets too hot to handle.
  • Streamlined and ultra lightweight for ease of use.
  • Virtually noiseless with an attachment and when in action.
  • New specific and ergonomic shape created by a world renowned Swiss designer.
  • Manufactured for LPA S.A. - PO Box 143 - 1225 Geneva Switzerland.
  • Full 1 year guarantee.

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