Soft Coeur Massage Bar (the Honeymooner) Massage Bar by LUSH Cosmetics Wonderful texture -- not overly greasy/oily, but melts & spreads VERY easily. And the scent is truly amazing... it makes me want to nibble on my arm (or if I'm really hungry, gnaw on it).   Shimmy Shimmy Massage Bar by LUSH Cosmetics: Here we have a brand new bug to make your skin gleam with gold sparkles, it makes you look as if you've got a tan even in the depth of winter when your skin hasn't seen the sun for a whole season.
After 8:30 Massage Bar by LUSH Cosmetics: People eat peppermints after dinner to help the digestion however we have a much better use for peppermint and a much better idea for passing the time when you've finished your evening meal. We take peppermint oil and stir it up with chocolate and cocoa butter to make the After 8.30, a light and dark chocolate massage bar to liven up the evening after a cozy dinner for two. Produce one of these if your partner looks likely to nod off after dessert. Melt the bar in your hands and apply the peppermint chocolate massage oil with warm hands. That'll soon waken up their interest again. Fever Massage Bar by LUSH Cosmetics: In the 1950s some new aromas were invented which changed the olfactory shape of perfume for ever. In Fever we've used one of them, with some of our favourite floras to produce a fragrance that epitomizes the scent for the 1950s independent women, shaking off traditions and exploring the brave new world. Picture yourself in dark sunglasses, pink lipstick and fitted sweater, scented with rose, warming sandalwood and sensual jasmine, ready to defy convention and enjoy life to the full. Fever is the massage bar to use on the sweet new guy in town to help him to cut loose and get hip.
Glitterbug (iridescent) Massage Bar by LUSH Cosmetics We bought out the Glitterbugs for the Yuletide party season; two have gone back into hibernation but the iridescent Glitterbug fancies its chances throughout the year. It doesn't only make your skin glitter, it moisturizes it with cocoa butter and shea butter and scents you with the reviving smell of clary sage, a herb with a reputation for helping you to see clearly. We find that this ability comes in handy at parties, whatever the time of year, especially when you're wearing comparatively few clothes and a lot of glitter.
Blue Glitterbug Massage Bar by LUSH Cosmetics: The Blue Glitterbug smells exactly the same as the Pink Glitterbug; it's got the sweet vanilla, soothing rose and sensuous neroli thing happening for it too. The difference is that when you cover yourself with blue glitter you start to sparkle like the ice queen and bewitch all those who encounter your scented presence. Once they've entered your enchanted personal space they are captured until you choose to release them. Possibly.
Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar by LUSH Cosmetics If someone hadn't got the name first this bar might have been called 'Sporty Spice' because Wiccy Magic Muscles is spicy and good for sportspeople. Don't panic when you first try it; it feels very warming on the skin because of the cinnamon leaf and secret spice oils that heat up your muscles and help them to recover from a hard exercise session. It also works on gardeners, DIY-ers and everyone else who has been giving their muscles an extra tough work out. This one has a layer of adzuki beans which feel like little finger tips when our spice bar is rubbed into your muscles to soothe your aches. Snake Oil Bar Massage Bar by LUSH Cosmetics: Snake Oil is a little bar of solid hair oil for those with flaking scalps to stop you shedding your skin. Rub the bar to melt some oil on to your finger tips and massage it into your scalp fifteen minutes before you wash your hair. The antiseptic oils of tea tree and lavender helps lower down the nasty bacteria which cause sore scalps while peppermint relieves itching and inflammation. Works great for just a plain old head massage, too!
Amazonian Massage Bar by LUSH Cosmetics: In our case the name refers to the tall, strong, lithe, warrior women from mythology. The Amazonian bar is a big, strong, extra smooth bar with coconut butter as well as the usual cocoa butter and shea butter moisturizers and skin softeners that we use in all our massage bars. We made it because we had a request from a tall, sporty, Australian Lush worker for 'big, sexy massage bars'. Mark chose the essential oils in this one for their reputed abilities to get a reticent lover to show some interest. Make his mind up by offering him a massage with an Amazonian and see what he's made of!
Into Thin Air Massage Bar by LUSH Cosmetics: This is an anti-cellulite massage bar made with a layer of mung beans to massage your bumpy areas. All the essential oils in it are those reputed to help get rid of cellulite. Use the smooth side of the bar to apply the oil then flip it over to the mung bean side to give your thighs a good massage. We can't promise that your cellulite will really disappear 'into thin air' but it probably works just as well as anything else you can try.
Black Magic Massage Bar by LUSH Cosmetics Black Magic is ideal for inspiring those men who wish women were supplied with an instruction book, the ones who take a rather mechanical approach to everything. The chocolate topped Black Magic is scented with a powerful perfume; geranium, clary sage and ylang ylang petals give it a deliciously penetrating scent. Use the magic contained in this massage bar to inspire your lover to use his imagination; clary sage is said to help bring out deeper responses and geranium is used to inspire warmth and fantasy Pink Glitterbug Massage Bar by LUSH Cosmetics: Two new Glitterbugs make their debut in the Christmas 2003 season. The Pink Glitterbug moisturises and softens your skin. It scents it with sweet vanilla, soothing rose and sensuous neroli. It also makes your sparkle pinkly wherever you put it. Mark's sister's yoga teacher, Kathy Vaile, Glitterbugged herself all over then accidentally Glitterbugged everyone's dinner suits with hers as she do-si-do'd them doing her thing at a barn dance. Be careful whom you get close to when you're covered in sparkles because everyone will know

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