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Sensual Dance Forget strip clubs! We have everything you need to entice your man at home. Swirl around a stripper pole, then learn how to give the ultimate lap dance and shake your booty with our sexy dance DVDs - move over Madonna!

Plan a romantic evening spiced up with exotic dance moves and sensual seduction. Learn to strip your way to a better body image and higher confidence. Feel like a sex goddess in casual wear, business attire or lingerie!

Discover How To Strip Tease for your Partner, while Toning Your Body.
Release your inner diva, and tone your body, with this unique series of instructional exotic dance videos, books and workout videos.

Do you want to feel and look your best?
From pole work to weight training, "Exotic dance lessons" is for men and women who want to boost their body confidence and reignite the embers of their passion for each other!

The Art of Sensual Dance for Every Body
Be inspired by five real women. Discover why they learned sensual dance, how they feel about their bodies and what their first experiences were. Watch as they demonstrate their new moves on a professional stage for the very first time! The Art of Sensual Dance™ goes beyond cardio strip tease and makes the art of moving sexy accessible to all. The slow erotic dance moves, holistic body approach, and romantic seduction secrets turn every real woman into an erotic sensual woman.
Inspired by Bremer’s sell-out sensual dance workshops “Unleash The Goddess Within”, her new video The Art of Sensual Dance for every body contains strategies and techniques for obtaining self appeal through positive imprinting, meditation and sensual dance. The video also includes tips, secrets and steps to overcoming shyness and setting the stage for seduction in the privacy of your own home.
The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women
Transform (or re-awaken!) your sensual self, access your power, boost your self-confidence - all while learning to be playful, sexy and sensual. Exotic dancing is much more than "dancing sexy", it is learning how to reach deep within yourself, find your own inner beauty and grace, and combine it into a sensual movement. Since 1998, Art of Exotic Dance, videos have helped thousands of women transform themselves. Seeking, finding and building upon their personal power within, these women have credited The Art of Exotic Dancing for Everyday Women® with enabling them to enhance all aspects of their lives and their relationships with others. This experience is for every woman, every age and every shape.
Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease Series
Developed by Carmen Electra with choreographer Robin Antin of 'The Pussycat Dolls' . A unique Heads-Up-Display offers additional workout and dance instruction. Vol. 1 - Aerobic Striptease - Vol. 3 - Advanced Aerobic Striptease - Vol. 4 - The Lap Dance - Vol. 5 - Hip-Hop.
iconicon Heavy Duty Dance Pole icon
Perfect for home or commercial use! Highest quality heavy grade. These poles come in your choice of either solid brass or solid, polished stainless steel. These are solid metal poles, not a cheap plating. Two flanges are required for each pole; one for the floor and one for the ceiling. These poles have a thicker inside wall (.060) for added strength than our standard bar foot rails. All poles are 2" in diameter. Sizes up to 8' 6" can be shipped via UPS. Sizes 9' and up must be shipped via freight truck.
Loving Sex - Erotic Strip Dance - Capture His Passion DVD & CD set An instructional video entirely devoted to teaching women how to find and release the sexual goddess within using affirmations and hot moves.
In a society that is so focused on the 'perfect' body and supermodel looks, this video concentrates on restoring a woman's sexual confidence and teaching her how to do enticing moves and routines. This DVD is quite possibly the most important part of a woman's sensual collection. Anytime she wants to plan a special night with her love, the first thing on her list should be to watch this movie or prepare moves she learned from watching this movie. Not only are they pretty much guaranteed to make him drool, but she will feel like a Venus, even in an apron and oven mitts. Hey, anything can become a costume!
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